Vulture Capitalism and Profits of Doom wins 2nd Prize

This audio piece was created as part of an exhibition entitled “Profits of Doom” that I made with my partner, Alessandro Berini. The work invited people to reflect on the real price of high-end profit and loss, forcing them to experience a palpable sense of dis-ease that comes with such blatant depredation. It consisted of a box mounted just below head height with stereo speakers inside. The adjoining image is the interior view when you put your head inside. The work was about making the viewer/listener feel a sense of discomfort: the positioning of the entry; the vulnerability of placing your head inside the box along with the relentless nature of the audio work seeks to convey the feeling that the concept of vulture capitalism is likewise relentless, unfeeling and devoid of humanity. The desert scene inside the diorama depicts a bleak and distopic future landscape picked clean by these vultures of capitalism.
The audio lists the net value of the richest sixty companies in the world as well as the net value and profit(or loss) of a single day for the top 100 richest individuals in the world to the backdrop of by various drones, factory and machine noises: the legacy of the industrial revolution, free market capitalism and progress-at-all-costs. It is about the reduction of life to mechanised functions and numeric values engendered by vulturistic economic endeavours.

The work itself is constructed from secondhand and recycled materials, except for a low voltage LED light. Photo by Pierre Cavalan (thanks Pierre!)

profit and loss inside

It won second Prize! 🙂 YAY! xx

Love Bytes

This multichannel Radio work was created to be broadcast over two stations. It is a humble reflection on love based on Roland Barthes’Fragments d’un Discours Amoureux- a Lover’s Discourse and falls into three parts: Souvenir/remembrance, Mutisme/silence and Magie/magic the last leaf. Each side can be listened to independently and work together as a quadrophonic work.
The picture is an excerpt taken from a Thailandese artist, whose work I saw in a gallery in Bangkok a number of years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t have her name recorded!! If any one recognises it, I would love to know!

Love Bytes recently aired in Sweden as part of the DubbelRadio festival in conjunction with Konsthalle and mobile-radio.


Here is what they sound like together: Listen on a surround system for extra effect!

Emerge Outside

We filter sounds all the time. In fact probably right now you are unconsciously filtering background noise like, traffic or your car engine, perhaps a passing plane. Have you ever stopped to listen to sounds distinct to your own life? Artist Jacqui O’Reilly and Luke Killim have collaborated with an eclectic group of people, who are socially isolated, disadvantaged or live with disabilities from the Randwick community,  to explore this idea and develop it into a live soundscape and collaborative performance. This feature is a behind the scenes look at the project.