Soundpod #1: Red

057096Soundpod 1# Red

This piece is a stereo version of a multi-channel sound and sculpture installation built for the show Flushed, Red, Rubicund and Scarlet.It is the first in a series of Soundpods that you enter inside to experience. Created from luscious red velvets and silken fabrics it is both a sensual and aural experience. The vocals are recorded through a throat microphone and include a snapshot of people speaking about the colour red and its associations, from teapots to genres of film, Chinese weddings dresses to female sexual liberation, red is a colour of passion and difference. The heart beat, recorded with a stethoscopic microphone, seeks to capture internal sounds and combines with the fabrics create a haptic feeling of ‘red’.

2016 HFA Art Exhibition See Street Invite

Profit[or]Loss Radio Remix

This piece is adapted for radio from the audio component of an prior installation Profit [or Loss]. Unlike the installation piece, which was purposely created as a type of endurance listening, this work is holds a loose narrative and is more specifically a sound collage using field recordings from the urban bush and local shopping center in Sydney alongside the vocal iterations. The sound sourced(recognisable to many living here) is from one of the two companies which are systematically homogenizing every Australian city and town and who enjoy the largest duopoly in the world. And no, I will not mention their names. I post this remix in the lead up to Christmas as a comment on where free market capitalism is leading us.



Sidelines is a creative Non Fiction work about mental illness and public transport. It draws on the work of Henri Lefebrve and his notions of liminal and liminoid phenomena within the public realm in which we interact.