The last tree feat. Bartolomäus Traubeck

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The Last Tree is a sound sculpture/installation that uses almost entirely second hand materials (except for one cable), paper and recycled technology(a second hand dvd player, amp and a bunch of old forgotten ear phones, collected form the draws of friends and family. It is a comment on the ecological “deafness” that seems dangerously present in much of society. We are often caught up in our own worlds both figuratively and acoustically. It seeks to explore that which has no voice. When all to often see ourselves as separate for our environment rather  than intimately tied to it.  The multi-channel audio arrangement or overheard sound that comes form the earphones tiny speakers consist: of interviews of children speaking about trees; an extract from author Herman Hesse’s Bäume: Betrachtungen und Gedichte (Trees: Observations and Poems) and a track from Bartolomäus Traubeck’s Years which is constructed from a record player that plays slices of wood and interprets the strength and grain of the wood into piano music. What I wanted the viewer/listener to consider with this work was the direction in which technology is leading us and what implications that has not only for the future but also for future generations.

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SWAP Selina Springett

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