Bankstown Arts Centre Residency

For the next month I will be working on an installation for the Crosscurrents Art and Ecology Festival showing on  November the 15th with a project entitled:

Where the River Rises: A River of Words

The installation is a collaboration with the amazing Bankstown Poetry Slam Poets run by Bankstown Youth Development Service (AKA BYDS) and the beautiful Sara Mansour.

The work consists of a hand drawn map of words following the river’s flow on the wall. These are created from the poets’ spoken word and written responses and will be largely written by the or own hand. A number of listening devices with headphones will be located on plinths that allow people to listen to mixes of the spoken word versions over sounds recorded of the river. On the day, as well as live performances by participating poets, visitors will be able to record their stories and contribute their own impressions to the project by physically writing onto the wall of the installation.

You can Check out the Flyer here:

Crosscurrents flyer

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