Art on the Greenway Commission wins at ROGAP!!

Happy to say our work ‘Waves’ originally commissioned for Art on the Greenway as part of LOST (Leichhardt’s Open Studio Trail) went on to win First Prize at ROGAPĀ  (Rockdale’s Outdoor Gallery Art Prize) this year. Thanks to my collaborators Kresho Srpak and Alessandro Berini.

This is the audio for the work. The waves are made by putting together units of cut recycled tyres, combining them in a modular and organically repeating pattern, working with the natural curve of the tyres. Together they form a undulating array of stylised wave forms reminiscent of traditional Japanese Seigaiha(seikai-ha) waves.

The waves seek to represent the cumulative effect of our actions both as individuals and as a society. One person dumping rubbish may not feel that their actions matter much, but coupled with others who do the same, accumulatively, is enough the create a wave of waste that threatens to crash over us. However, this is true for collective action too. By working together, we can turn back the tide of waste entering our landfill or waterway and by changing our actions and making others aware,
create a ripple effect that becomes far reaching. In this way, the actions of one may lead to change for the better and it is up to us to decide which direction this should take.

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