Soundpod #1: Red

057096Soundpod 1# Red

This piece is a stereo version of a multi-channel sound and sculpture installation built for the show Flushed, Red, Rubicund and Scarlet.It is the first in a series of Soundpods that you enter inside to experience. Created from luscious red velvets and silken fabrics it is both a sensual and aural experience. The vocals are recorded through a throat microphone and include a snapshot of people speaking about the colour red and its associations, from teapots to genres of film, Chinese weddings dresses to female sexual liberation, red is a colour of passion and difference. The heart beat, recorded with a stethoscopic microphone, seeks to capture internal sounds and combines with the fabrics create a haptic feeling of ‘red’.

2016 HFA Art Exhibition See Street Invite

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