Down by the Riverside finalist in the Greenway Art Prize

One of my rare 2D works – a collaboration with my partner in crime/art Alessandro Berini- has been selected as a finalist as a local artist in the 2016 Greenway Art Prize. The title comes from an old spiritual dating back to the turn of last century. I don’t tend to listen to music much on my headphones as I usually find it too overwhelming and am too interested in the soundscape of the world around me, but I often have songs in my head, and this one pops in every now and then. I sang it as part of a jazz festival in the local church when I was fifteen, with a group of old musos (at least they seemed old to me at the time, they were probably only in their 60s). I was a little nervous and one of them told me the best way to prepare for a performance was with “a shot of whiskey and a raw egg.” Unfortunately not an option for me at the time, but still remember it to this day.  Anyway, here is the artist statement:

Urban spaces are saturated with stories. Every day we pass through these spaces; we work, walk, live and breathe them. Spectral traces of history ebb and flow in, through and under the tide of contemporary life with great intensity. This is particularly true of the river, which reflects in its waters and along its banks shades of the past; mantels of the land worn at different times, those dissipated and those still forming. Stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Down by the Riverside seeks to intimate the ephemeral histories which rest beneath the surface of the everyday and hint quietly as to which shape these may take in the future.

Down by the Riverside acrylic/oil on canvas
Down by the Riverside acrylic/oil on canvas
Down by the Riverside
Down by the Riverside(detail)

No audio for this one, maybe one day…

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